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Guardian article from 11 January 2017 on the steps it takes to become German and how I felt about it.

Picture is outside Schoeneberg town hall, Berlin


Clocking On: The World of the Worker Priest

Church Times feature on priests and theologians in precarious work - profiles of a cleaner, ambulance worker, temping agency employee and others.

26 June 2019 I spent time in a Turkish courtroom, observing the trial of 16 civil society and cultural figures; here are my impressions HRW

21 January 2019 My comment piece in Berlin’s Der Tagesspiegel on the wider lessons of recent reforms in Uzbekistan HRW

6 June 2018 My testimony in German parliament on human rights and Russia’s staging of the 2018 soccer World Cup HRW

8 March 2018 German judge takes stand against xenophobic violence HRW

16 February 2018 Time is ripe for broader reform in Uzbekistan My letter to the Financial Times

22 January 2018: Germany's Bundestag sends an important signal on fighting corruption in the Council of Europe  HRW

18 January 2018: My piece with my HRW colleague Mihra Rittmann on why the US needs to care about human rights in Kazakhstan

10 Nov 2017: #MeToo: comment piece in die taz on how  allegations of sexual harassment swept through British politics